step_ya_game_up (step_ya_game_up) wrote in hate_christina,

Hey my name's meaghan, & I`m 15 years old.. I used to like Christina know when she was known for her talent not her fake body & shit.. but now she`s going to far..first of all the thing that really gets me is that song "cant hold us down" or w/e it's called..notice how she is talking about how guys dont respect her, and check her out, and slap her ass & shit?..It just seems weird to me she`s complaining about that stuff while wearing shorts that go up her ass and a shirt that doesnt cover her tits. If she is going to dress like a hoochie, people are going to treat her like a hoochie. So when she says "Call me a bitch cause i speak what's on my mind" No , Christina, we do not call you a bitch, we call you a whore, because you dont walk around in tight little shorts & expect guys not to treat you like that. Also, she notice how she has started rapping?..So she says she`s spanish or some that even true? I`m colombian & If she`s spanish ..then wow she doesn't look it...blonde hair , light skin & all ..? idk. anyways i just thought i would rant about how much i hate hmph..that's all i guess, & wonderful community, goodbye.=]
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