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Here some random Hating i found on some site

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(I make a poll on the who's gonna be the next Pop Queen and whoa! someone flts off the deep end and yea like that hurt. Maybe this entry will but i rather not keep my mouth shut anymore. After reading..i have come to the conclusion that yes they are all like Xtina. Trash talking hooplas and ext..... Think on why a poll on who is the next Pop queen made you rise your defensives so fast and made the negative comments! THINK! Well maybe cause im right and you cant stand competition...More on this later. Now on to the my other Conclusions....Thanks Pop dirt for saving me loads of writing time. *Copys and pastes* )
( around comments are my Commentary and i didnt write the X trash talking...I just found it)
"Christina's just self involved, egotistical and bitter."
(now why is she bitter well here is Getalifeyall's answer..the truth. cause it all makes sence lmfao)
Put yourself in Christina's shoes...
You grow up with this amazing voice, a voice unlike anyone else's. You do all of these talent shows and you pretty much slaughter the competition. You go to school and yeah, there may be girls prettier than you, but you know without a shade or a shadow of a doubt you're gonna be THE star. People constantly make over how talented you are and how everyone in the world will want to hear your voice and listen to your music. Now imagine getting to Hollywood and seeing this picture perfect pinup girl who steals all of your attention - the boys', the parents', most of the fans' - completely overshadow you. You're no longer THE star, the pinup girl is. Everyone loves her and they make over how sweet she is and how talented she is. This one girl, who isn't as talented vocally, totally steals your thunder and causes you to be seen as 2nd place for the rest of your life...
Wouldn't that make you bitter too?
(Poor little X...Yup still in Britneys Shadow :( )
(lmfao i coundlt agree more)
Xtina might have a technically allright voice but after 30 seconds you can’t stand to listen to it anymore. Her singing gets real old real fast. Xtina’s voice is by far the most overrated in the music industry.
Her live singing is absolutely appalling all she does is oooohhhhh and aaaahhhhhh for an hour and a half. 15 seconds of this crap and you’ve had enough of Xtina’s pathetic excuse at live singing for a lifetime
Well i cant argue with this...nope but yes i can at some level
In my opinion Christina will always be the TRUE ARTIST of the two, she might talk too much ***** at times, but heey don't we all...she's just being honest and speaking her mind, that is NO CRIME!
(Its called Tact :) )
(Lmfao and oh my god! I said this once in the war thread. )
love Christina, she has such an amazing voice, but really, she is so defensive and bitter sounding. Always trying to start stuff with her peers.
Here's a theory: She had a tough time growing up, often harassed and picked on for being so talented. She wasn't popular with the other girls at all. Maybe she's carried this rejection thing with her into adulthood, and being *****y and combative with her peers now is her way of continuing what started for her in grade school. It's just that now instead of being picked on, she's doing the picking.
(Bitter lil bitch.and i agree here)
It’s obvious that Britney is more secure with herself and comfortable in her own skin than Xtina. Britney doesn’t need to get into a fight with everyone that starts one with her. Britney knows she’s better than that and wouldn’t even waste her time with that kind of trivial nonsense.
The only point to having a public feud is to get publicity and Brithey doesn’t need to cheapen herself with that kind of it. Xtina’s desperation for attention is blinding. Her getting into a fight with an immature teen like Kelly shows how pathetic and immature Xtina is herself. Xtina should of given Kelly what she deserves, nothing. But instead she got sucked into Kelly’s childish games and they both came out looking incredibly babyish.
WTF...why da heck is Christina saying all these...if she thinks she's soooo real and not fake then why bother bashing other artists...the more bad things she say about those artists the more people are going to hate her...and plus why the heck is she saying all these stuff about britney what did britney do to her...She said all these things to britney and what does Britney do she didn't fire anything back because she knows thats the matue thing to do...nd to think Christina is older than Britney..
Answer on why ? well Xtina is bitter and yes she X can sing but Britney is far more Popular and well known. Can we say Pop icon ?
I agree so preach it baby and i said something like this before
Look, I understand why Christina is upset at Britney, because you know, being someone shadow, must suck. I mean, when Britney went on a break and Christina was promoting her CD or tour, Britney still got more attention for fucking shopping!
and all you fucking Christina fans, who gives a FUCK, if she got picked on, at school! Just because she did, doesn't mean she has to be the bully now. Seeing as noone liked her, i now know why. What is there to like from Christina? All she does is SING... That's her only talent although she always over-does it, which is rather annoying and very horrible to my ears. She can't dance, and all she ever does is bitch, bitch and bitch!
I obviously expect angry and supposedly hurt comments but whatever ..... Any comments from Xtina fans will only make my point.....so dont it *waits for comments cause they cant resist)
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